the | PILATES | method

The studio name the | PILATES | method was founded on the very definition of the words. I wanted to honor the work of Joesph Pilates. I wanted to stay true and authentic to the exercise method he created. The word “method” by definition means “a particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one. Orderliness of thought or behavior, systematic planning or action”.

After two pilates certifications and studying for over 20 years, this is how the Pilates original work occurred to me. I choose a few different names for my studio but this seemed clean, simple and to the point.

It is the very definition of the name that forms the basis of what this studio is founded, the CLASSICAL method of Pilates.

So, you may ask, what does Classical Pilates mean for the client? What’s different? After reading the paragraph above you know it is a systematic planning or action plan helps clients get to their goals! I have studied the work for over 20 years. I’ve studied, trained and have 2 pilates certifications and a personal training certification however, it was the classical method that I found made the biggest changes for myself and my clients. After studying with instructors who have been teaching for over 50 years it is the principles of Pilates that come to life through the classical work. Not randomly placed “Pilates like” exercises. There is no need to reinvent or make up new exercises. Pilates is time tested and works. The next part is the equipment. We use the original equipment made by Gratz that delivered the best results. I have worked on many kinds of equipment and I can say Gratz truly delivers the results.

I feel qualified to speak to classical and contemporary as I have a full comprehensive STOTT training and a full comprehensive Classical training through PEAK. I believe 100% in the Classical method and the results produced. The truth is, any form of Pilates is good for every BODY! Young, old, in between, high end athlete to de-conditioned super beginner. Classical or contemporary. I say that because I do believe those who learn pilates and are passionate enough to become instructors, wether classical or contemporary, felt the difference and want to pass on the benefits. They embark on big career changes and do so with integrity and genuine interest of helping people. We want people to feel better and achieve their desired fitness goals from Pilates; feel and or look the best that they can. So, if you’re just getting started, find an instructor you like and begin!