Cheryl Maher – Studio Owner, Senior Instructor

Cheryl has over 20 years experience teaching Pilates. Her clients range from average adults who a want to move and feel better or wake up without a stiff low back pain. Some clients are looking to shave strokes off their golf game and some are professional athletes looking for a physical edge that Pilates offers. Pilates is truly for everyone. Cheryl completed her first full certification in the Stott method and taught through the late 90’s. Since 2003 to 2016 she worked for Life Time Fitness, managing a studio and teaching pilates. After completing her second certification through Peak Pilates in 2010-2012, Cheryl became a regional Pilates teacher trainer and helped to create Lifetime Academy’s teacher trainging program in Michigan. She has mentored and insprie many Pilates instructors in the area. Since opening her own studio the PILATES Method in 2016, she’s hosted three years of educatinoal workshops led by Sonje Mayo, Chris Robinson and 2020 Carrie Russo. These are open for all instructors. Currently 2019 is the start of a collaboration project. A Classical Teacher Training Program. After going through her third most intense program the M.A.T. Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle Washington led by Dorothee Vandewalle (Joseph Pilates protege was Romana and Dorothee was Romana’s teacher trainer) We found that what makes a well trained instructor is time spent under an apprenticeship. The Pilates Method, will offer an apprenticeship for those who are interested in becoming instructors and a and bridge program for those interested in learning more about the Classical Pilates Method.

Emily Sansiri – Senior Instructor

Emily is a classically certified Pilates Instructor from Los Angeles, CA. She trained on the original Gratz apparatus by Nicole Briggs, owner of Strong Body Pilates in Los Angeles and graduate of Jay Grimes’s Masters Program at Vintage Pilates Studio. Emily began her Pilates journey 8 years ago and quickly fell in love with the practice. “I have been physically active my whole life, but noticed the most changes in my body after just 2 months of Pilates because for the first time I was connecting my mind to the movement. I was activating and engaging muscles that I had never worked before and since then I have been hooked!” Emily has continued her education through various workshops and has recently joined the Romana bridge training program with Cynthia Shipley at Lifespan Pilates in NYC.

Dana Andrews

Dana began her career as an ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor after being asked by other women at her local gym to train them. She started Pilates training in 2003 to expand her ability to increase core strength, mobility, and flexibility in her clients. She discovered that the classical Pilates methodology helped heal her own shoulder and back issues as well as help regain lower abdominal strength post a Cesarean section. Dana has trained through Core Dynamics and Peak Pilates in the classical method and brings her vast teaching experience, energy, humor, and passion into her classes and private sessions.

Christina Johnson

Christina was introduced to classical Pilates when she was 8 years old by her mother and Pilates Midwest studio owner; Jan Tirony. Christina spent several years of being Jan’s Pilates guinea pig and she decided to go through the Pilates training. Christina then earned her Classical Pilates Certification through 2nd generation teacher Dana Santi, owner of Dana Santi Pilates in Clarendon Hills, IL. “I am so blessed to be able to fulfill my dream of helping others to be healthy inside and out. Pilates is an exercise unlike any other. It is challenges people physically and mentally and creates strength from head to toe. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers and trainers to help me further my Pilates education.” ~ Christina Johnson