Our method of Pilates training is considered CLASSICAL. What makes it classical is that is the original work that has been handed down through those who were taught by Joseph Pilates, Romana Kryzanowska, Carola Trier, Kathy Grant to name a few, there were no “certifications” back in that day. They were mentored day in and day out and through them came the next generation of instructors. Dorothee VandeWalle was considered one of Romana’s manin teacher trainers at the time. Kathy Ross-Nash, Dana Santi, Chris Robinson, Carrie Russo. Many were trained by Romana and some took lessons. Other leading instructors took lessons with Joseph Pilates in his later years such as Jay Grimes, Sonjé Mayo and have enhanced our teaching and knowledge of the classical work and mentored the next generation of classical instructors.  Jay Grimes of Vintage Pilates has mentored and taught many, many well trained and sought after teacher trainers. Our instructors are dedicated professionals who’ve been mentored and trained through this lineage.

Our equipment of choice goes perfectly with the Classical system.  Joe invented it and Gratz made it. The exercises were designed around this particular brand of equipment. The dimensions, placement of the straps, handles and spring.The spring tension was perfectly balanced to perform each exercise with integrity of the movement. When you change the exercise, you change the goal of the exercise. We do not make up our own version of exercises to look good on Instagram or Facebook. Each exercise is honored but not stand alone. We don’t “do exercises that work one body part”. Rather the ClassicalPilates system of exercise honors each exercise and is perfectly linked to give you a full body workout that inclueds stretch, strength and control. The beauty of the Classical Pilates Method is your body reveals itself and what you need; what is weak, what is strong, inflexible, too tight, too loose. Based on what is revealed our instructors design your session and decide what other piece of Pilates apparatus is useful to then address each clients individual needs. Thereby addressing the “body part” that needs more attention but you still get a full body workout. When a client understands their body, knows how to move from their center/powerhouse and understands the Pilates Method of exercises you feel the ease of movement. You wake up feeling better or playing golf better or playing with grandkids on the floor. Our athletes understand the Pilates principles as they’ve been trained in movement at a young age, they see the benefit strait away.  This is how we develop your Pilates practice.  Maintaining your practice is easy. Join our small, semi-private apparatus based groups and mat classes. Our mat classes are not your ordinary dreaded classes on a thin mat. We work on the Cadillac of equipment! (Folklore has it that Joe Pilates named a piece of equipment the Cadillac because it was the best car out at that time) Mat is the METHOD it is truly where you get the strongest. It is where you learn a practice to take with you on vacation, on a business trip, help maintain a healthy back, warm you up before a sport or increase longevity! PILATES is for every BODY. Sign up for one of our first time client specials or a consultation today! Go to our Shedule page to book a private or semi-private group class.


The Pilates method, originally called Contrology, was created by Joseph Pilates. Joe was creative and inventive! He realized that even through mat work, body weight exercises were difficult. Joseph then chose to build equipment based on spring resistance, which adds assistance and resistance to build a strong (center/core) workout. This both stretches and strengthens the body simultaneously. It is a unique system of specified exercises on both mat and equipment. When these exercises are done correctly, it yields incredible results. Joseph Pilates perfected this method over several decades. He invented numerous pieces of apparatuses to help people understand the work, and to target specific weaknesses in the body.

As a form of corrective exercise, the body can strengthen and repair itself through movement. People who suffer from pain often get relief! Sometimes pain stems from imbalances and stress. Change happens through movement, and movement HEALS. While many physical therapists use Pilates, is not physical therapy. Therefore, clients with health issues or chronic pain need to consult their physician before utilizing the Pilates exercise.


Why the name PILATES METHOD?  The very definition of the word METHOD combined with PILATES is a perfect way to understand why Pilates works! It is not meant to be chopped up into parts. An instructor of the work of Pilates should know the foundation of the method. While so many instructors think they are creative in changing the order of the exercises, this actually gets away from the origin of the exercise to begin with. Sometimes instructors will “make up” exercises from Pilates to make it their own, or invent new exercises on the reformer to capture the revenue of trends. That is why THE PILATES METHOD works because it is time tested, consistent, and it delivers results!

By definition


noun: Pilates

1. a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.”this quest for better training has led many dancers to Pilates”

1960s: named after German physical fitness specialist Joseph Pilates (1880–1967), who devised the system.


noun: method; plural noun: methods

1. a particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one.”a method for software maintenance”