The PILATES METHOD offers a welcoming place for everyone from beginners to experienced clients and teachers. Staying true to the classical method. The studio offers only private or small group classes. As a new client, a minimum of one private session is required before entering any of the group classes.

We highly recommend completing several private sessions before joining a group class. For maximum results, we recommend 3 sessions a week for beginners.

Privates are important, as the workouts are tailor-made to your needs and goals. For clients with injuries, we recommend only privates in the beginning and consulting their doctor prior to starting Pilates.

To book your introductory private, please press ‘book now’ and register online. Payments may be made after registration and can be made in studio or pre-paid. Canceling or rescheduling and appointment must be done 24 hours in advance or full fee will be deducted. All group classes need minimum of 4 participants to run.